Hudson Valley Pool-It Pools

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Pool Foundation

   Your pool is only as sound as its foundation. In order to have a permanent pool, you must have a permanent foundation!

  • We lay down 4.75" wide one-piece bottom channels of the strongest grade of extruded aluminum used in pool construction today!

  • All foundation pieces are cut in full length and width sizes so there's no piecing together, no unnecessary seams.

  • Kayak Pools have braces every two feet on center

  • Baked-on enamel finish

  • Electrostatically bonded

  • Will never rust or need painting

  • Stainless steel hardware

  • Strong & durable

   Kayak Pools has designed the perfect wall for on-ground pool construction. Recent advances in materials technology make Water Walls impervious to wood-destroying weather, water and insect infestation. These walls are so strong you can jump or kick off of them! Once they're up, you'll never have to give them another thought.

Kayak Pool Channel
Kayak Pool Support Frames

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