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As Durable as Aboveground Pools Come

Kayak's best attribute is it's construction. Kayaks are built to last forever and to survive almost any condition. Now Compare this to your everyday aboveground pool and see the difference - there is no comparison. For this reason we dedicated this section of the website to prove our point of just how durable a Kayak Pool is.

Don't just take our word for the durability of the Kayak, just look at this picture of a Pool-It after a F5 tornado. You can see that the first and second floor, 2 car garage, and patio room are all destroyed but the Kayak Pool is still standing intact, full of water, with the house inside of it! The Kayak Pool still standing after a tornado

A Pool-It after a flood with water all around it. Still no damage to the durable Kayak!

The Kayak Pool standing in a major flood
Lastly, 11 people all at the same time jumping into the tough Kayak. Try doing something of this magnitude to your run of the day aboveground. 11 people jumping into a Kayak Pool at the same time